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More and more companies today are leveraging the technology of video surveillance and fraud detection in order to protect high-valued assets, employees and customers, and to ensure the highest levels of customer service and efficiency. Fraud is extremely hard to detect, as it is not random in nature. Usage of video analytics and fraud detection technology can significantly change the process of fraud detection and prevention in the future.

By staying ahead of suspicious behavior, organizations can control outcomes and reduce exposure with the best response, and maximize the impact when taking action. VeriRight solution uses a comprehensive approach to help companies stay proactive when it comes to fraud detection, so they can successfully deal with increasing fraud losses affecting industries.

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With the above back ground and with an endeavor to keep fraudsters at bay, we have decided to form a Risk Verification Company. As the name suggests we want the Verification to be done Right at the First Time.


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Identity and Fraud Solutions

In a competitive environment, mutual trust is key to forging healthy, long-term customer relationships. Fraud and identity theft can undermine this trust, and expose you and your customers to serious threats. Veriright’s Identity and Fraud Solutions help to protect your business from fraudsters at each stage of the customer lifecycle while ensuring a frictionless customer experience. As a global leader in data protection, our set of comprehensive tools employ industry-leading technology to protect the things that matter to you, all backed by Veriright’s rigid data-privacy standards.

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